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Technoforce was started in India in 1990 to manufacture Thin Film Evaporators & Dryers, Short Path Distillation Units, Extractors and Crystallizers. The manufacturing facilities are spread over 15000 square meters for equipment & skids . The equipment can be manufactured under ASME ‘U stamp’, European PED ‘CE- mark’ or China Special Equipment Manufacturing License procedures. We have about 1100+ installations spreading across India, South East Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa.
Pilot Test Centers  
We have well equipped Test Centers at Nasik, India and Chemelot Campus, Geleen, The Netherlands, where pilot trials are conducted. The performance guarantees are backed by the trial results. One or more pilot plant setups from the list below can be interconnected based on application requirement.
  Agitated Thin Film Evaporator
Short Path Distillation Unit
Falling Film Evaporator
Rising Film Evaporator
Suppressed Boiling Evaporator
Agitated Thin Film Dryer
Liquid- Liquid Extraction Column
Annular Centrifugal Extractor*
Plug Flow Crystallizer*
Conical Stripper*
*Only available in the Nasik, India Pilot Plant.
Pilot Plant Setup in The Netherlands
Pilot Plant Setup in India
Utilities: Maximum temperature up to 300 deg C & operating pressures down to 0.001 mbar can be achieved.
Analysis: GC, HPLC, Karl Fisher, TLC, Solid Content setups are available.
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"Hard prices and hard delivery raised our eyebrows.
The kind of service given during the project execution is just not available in US market We look forward doing more business with Techno Force"
Mr. Dennis Weatherford
Vice President
NIPA Hardwicke, USA
"I have visited their pilot plant and workshop facilities in India.
These people are different"
Mr. Jay Sahani
Vice President
NIPA Hardwicke, USA
"Our application involves extreme temperature, vacuum and viscosity.
The thin film evaporator supplied by Techno Force has worked trouble free barring on change of bearing and mechanical seal in the last 10 years"
Mr. S. Daya
Oil Processors Pvt. Ltd., India
"We are ashamed to admit this --
We do not carryout the routine maintenance of the thin film evaporator supplied by Techno Force. But this is the most reliable piece of equipment in our factory"
Mr. Y. Sachdeo
Reliance Silicones, India
"Techno Force gives excellent value added services by way of process optimization through pilot plant trials.
We are ready to pay the premium for their services and equipment"
Mr. Prasad
Vice Chairman & CEO
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, India
"Pilot scale trials on distillation and extraction equipment of Techno force was vital to our product development program. The information learned enabled designing and building a full scale production facility for Sugar Easters with high degree of confidence and considerable cost savings"
Bob Comstock
Managing Director
Compass Foods Pvt. Ltd., Singapore.