Agitated Thin Film Dryer, Vertical

The most energy efficient dryer in the market. Thermal efficiency exceeds 90%

A vertical Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD-V) has a centrally located rotor having closely fitting blades. It rotates in a precision-machined jacketed shell.
The feed is converted into a thin film, which is intensely agitated due to action of the high-speed rotor. The feed material goes through phases of slurry, paste and wet powder, before coming out as a dry powder.

Vacuum dryer suppliers in europe

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Vacuum dryer suppliers in europe

[:en]Agitated thin film dryer - vertical[:de]Aufgerührter Dünnschichttrockner - vertikal[:]


  • Residence time of a few seconds, well suited for heat sensitive products
  • Can be used as Vacuum Dryer for reduced temperature, operating pressure as low as 1mbar
  • Indirect heating, particularly effective for oxygen sensitive products
  • Air free operation, full recovery of organic solvents
  • Dust free powder of relatively higher bulk density
  • Powder of uniform consistency, eliminating downstream pulverizer


  • Pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs and intermediates
  • Water soluble proteins
  • Dyes, pigments and intermediates
  • Organic and inorganic salts
  • Clean room applications
  • Possibility of getting amorphous powders
  • Solvents and products from residue
  • DMSO from salts
  • Glycerine from salts and residue
  • Organic solvents or products from salt bearing waste streams



[:en]Case Study - Agitated thin film dryer: vertical[:de]Fallstudien - Aufgerührter Dünnschichttrockner - vertikal
Substituting spray dryer with a continuous, Thin Film Dryer for drying heat sensitive food product
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