Sludge Dryer

A single unit can handle waste water concentrate and wet centrifuged sludge simultaneously.

A sludge dryer has a centrally located rotor having closely fitting blades. It rotates in a precision-machined jacketed shell.
The feed sludge is converted into a thin film, which is intensely agitated due to action of the high-speed rotor. The sludge goes through phases of paste and wet powder, before coming out as a dry powder.

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[:en]Agitated thin film dryer - horizontal[:de]Aufgerührter Dünnschichttrockner - Horizontal/Schlammtrockner[:]


  • Indirect heating provides unmatched thermal efficiency
  • With several feed points on the same dryer, one can feed different waste streams simultaneously. Thus the small capacity requirements for variety of residues, filter cakes and slurries can be combined and handled on a single dryer
  • Full recovery of water
  • Dust free powder


  • As a dryer for waste water concentrates from multiple effect evaporators
  • Biological active sludge drying
  • Filtered cakes of activated carbon



[:en]Case Study - Sludge dryer[:de]Fallstudien - Schlammtrockner[:]
Concentrating waste water with Multiple Effect Evaporator
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