ARDC – Liquid Extraction Column

Up to 50% reduction in solvent usage and 70% reduction in power usage are possible

An Asymmetric rotating disc contactor (ARDC) column is used as a counter current continuous extractor. A liquid feed is contacted several times with an immiscible solvent that exhibits preferential affinity towards desired components.
At the outlet, we get an extract enriched with the desired component and the spent feed or the raffinate, containing very little of the desired component. An ARDC column with a series of mixers and settlers offers 4 to 6 equivalent stages of separation.

Reactive extraction

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[:en]ARDC liquid extraction column[:de]Extraktionssäule[:]


  • Reduction in solvent use
  • Significant reduction in power and space requirements
  • Continuous operation, no supervision required
  • Easy to automate, consistent results


  • Separation of close boiling components that are difficult to separate by distillation
  • Breaking of azeotropes
  • COD, BOD reduction in wastewater
  • Purification of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Change in pH by washing
  • Reactive extraction



[:en]Case Study - ARDC liquid extraction column[:de]Fallstudien - Extraktionssäule[:]
Using continuous reactive extraction to improve conversion
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