Suppressed Boiling Evaporator

Thanks to our axial flow pump, Suppressed Boiling Evaporators experience reduced scaling

A Suppressed Boiling Evaporator(SBE), also called as Forced Circulation Evaporator (FCE), has a vertical shell and tube heat exchanger as the calandria, a separator and a circulation pump for circulation of slurry though the tubes. Use of axial flow pumps ensures good velocity in the tubes.
Adequate hydrostatic head suppress boiling inside the tubes thereby reducing scaling in the tubes.

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[:en]Suppressed boiling evaporator[:de]Zwangsumlaufverdampfer[:]


  • Axial flow pump ensures high flows in tube with minimum power consumption
  • Carefully balanced flow and hydrostatic head suppress boiling and therefore scaling in the tubes
  • Generously sized flash separator minimizes entrainment, resulting in a clearer distillate


  • Preconcentration of scale prone liquids before drying
  • Wastewater concentration for volume reduction
  • Concentration of solution having salts
  • Evaporative crystallization
  • Multiple effect arrangement for reduction in the steam requirement



[:en]Case Study - Forced Circulation Evaporator[:de]Fallstudien - Zwangsumlaufverdampfer[:]
Control on crystal type using forced circulation evaporator
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