Plug Flow Crystallizer

A continuous crystallizer exhibiting plug flow and low attrition of crystals

Inside a Plug Flow Crystallizer (PFC), a shaft with uniquely arranged blades rotates within a shell. The product flows through in a nearly plug flow manner under uniform and gentle agitation. Multiple heating /cooling sections provide controlled temperature gradients. Gentle agitation minimizes breakage of crystals. It can have several openings along its length for addition of seeds or anti-solvents.

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[:en]Plug Flow Crystallizer[:de]Plug Flow-Kristallisator[:]


  • Runs continuously, residence time from 0.5 hours to 10 hours is possible
  • Can be operated in cooling or evaporative mode.
  • Crystallization with anti-solvents is possible
  • Can be used with high percentage of solids in slurries
  • Good control on concentration profile to avoid uncontrolled nucleation
  • Plug flow conditions and low attrition between crystals
  • Easy conversion from batch operation to continuous operation


  • Bulk drugs and intermediates
  • Fine chemicals
  • Inorganic and organic salts
  • Any application where close crystal size distribution is desired




[:en]Case Study - Plug flow crystallizer[:de]Fallstudien - Plug Flow-Kristallisator[:]
Improved crystal size distribution using a Continuous Crystallizer
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