Agitated Thin Film Dryer, Horizontal

This dryer can handle feed streams in the form of solution, slurry or wet cake

A horizontal Agitated Thin Film Dryer (ATFD-H) has a centrally located rotor having closely fitting blades. It rotates in a precision-machined jacketed shell.
The feed in the form of solution, slurry or wet cake is converted into a thin film, which is intensely agitated due to action of the high-speed rotor. Depending upon the nature of the feed, it goes through phases of slurry, paste and wet powder, before coming out as a dry powder.

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[:en]Agitated thin film dryer - horizontal[:de]Aufgerührter Dünnschichttrockner - Horizontal/Schlammtrockner[:]


  • Feed as solution, slurry or cake is acceptable. Thus addition of solvent to the feed is not required to make it flowable
  • Indirect heating, particularly effective for oxygen sensitive products
  • Air free operation, full recovery of organic solvents
  • Residence time of a few seconds, well suited for heat sensitive products
  • Dust free powder of relatively higher bulk density
  • Operating pressure as low as 1mbar for reduced temperatures


  • Solutions, slurries or filter cakes of organic and inorganic salts
  • Dyes and pigments
  • Drug intermediates



[:en]Case Study - Agitated thin film dryer horizontal[:de]Fallstudien - Aufgerührter Dünnschichttrockner - Horizontal[:]
Using a continuous horizontal Thin Film Dryer to efficiently dry wet cake to make dust free powder
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