Centrifugal Extractor

Small holdup makes it suitable for quick switchover with batch integrity

A centrifugal extractor has an annular mixing chamber and a basket for phase separation. This operation at relatively high speed promotes intensive mixing in the annular space where the two immiscible phases quickly reach equilibrium. The mixture enters the inner volume of the rotating basket where high centrifugal force quickly separates the two phases. The extract and raffinate are discharged through separate outlets. For finer separation, multistage extraction may be used.

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[:en]Contrifugal Extractor[:de]Zentrifugalextraktor[:]


  • Quick switchover between two batches is possible due to small holdup. Ideal for extractions in pharmaceutical industry where batch integrities are important.
  • Up to 50 – 70% reduction in solvent and power use
  • Continuous operation, no supervision required
  • Consistent results
  • Very small holdup makes it ideal for hazardous applications


  • Extraction of bulk drugs having small batch production cycle
  • Purification of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals
  • Change in pH by washing
  • Reactive extraction
  • Extraction of hazardous products



[:en]Case Study - Centrifugal extractor[:de]Fallstudien - Zentrifugalextraktor[:]
All round improvements and process simplification by using continuous extraction
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