27 years of Experience

5 Technology Areas

11 Products

1000 + Successful Projects

Global Operations

Our business through our people.

Focus on comprehensive solutions in synergistic areas

“For 27 years we have consciously developed process intensification capabilities in related technologies. Therefore we are in a position to help customers move from sub optimization of individual steps to overall optimization of several steps together involving evaporation, drying, high vacuum distillation, extraction and crystallization.”

Mr. R N Patil, Executive Chairman

Research is The foundation of new technologies

“We have worked closely with Universities on several occasions to develop new ideas. The in-house capabilities to use computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) help us in designing robust commercial scale plants.”

Dr. Ekambara, Senior Technology Scientist - Process Development

Uniquely positioned by providing services from Europe and manufacturing from Asia

“Having a modern manufacturing facility in India and pilot plants in the Netherlands, we have uniquely positioned ourselves to offer very attractive solutions and provide after sales services from Europe.”

Mr. Rudolf Opitzer, Managing Director - Technical Sales & Marketing

Help in project viability analysis at an early stage

“We provide budgetary estimations of possible process improvements along with fixed and operating costs.The customers are therefore in a position to see the commercial viability of their project at an early stage.”

Dr. Stephan Schardt, Director - Technical Sales & Marketing

Attractive paybacks leading to repeat order business

“In several instances, the customers were able to achieve payback of less than 12 months after switching from conventional methods to the optimised intensified methods. We have satisfied customers that have repeatedly come back to buy equipment, in one instance for more than 100 equipment.”

Mr. Anand Thakurdesai, Director - Commercial Sales

Results are backed by experience

“We have a database of more than 3000 pilot plant trials to bank on for sound trial plans. The subsequent rigorous testing validates the design assumptions. The pilot plant facility is ATEX ready to handle solvents and chemicals.”

Mr. Ben Bovendeerd, Director - Technology & Business

Pride in modern manufacturing

“Our manufacturing facilities over 15,000 m2 area have robots for fitting and welding, CNC machining centres and CMM for automated inspection. Document Management System software is used for access and revision control throughout project execution. Use of 3D modelling and piping stress analysis tools help in designing robust plants.”

Mr. Adwait Paranjpe, Director - Operations

Your order in the best hands

“Our shops can manufacture in accordance with ASME U stamp, B 31.3 and also under European codes of Machinery directive, Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), EN1090 for skids and ATEX. Customers are closely involved in pilot plant testing, 3D model reviews of skids and factory acceptance tests (FAT). Thus the customers are assured that they would get what they have seen and approved.”

Mr. Holger Placzek, Technical Director - Quality Management & Execution

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